Public safety policies

Since starting his term, Pavel has focused on creating policy to improve public safety, the environment, government transparency & accountability, and Lawrence’s economy. The following are proposals he sponsored or co-sponsored that deal with public safety:


Doc 7/18: Removal of snow & Ice from awnings and sidewalks

The City of Lawrence’s Ordinance Section 12.04.040 stated that snow and ice needed to be cleared from the sidewalks of residential and commercial properties. However, it did not include an enforcement mechanism. While serving on the School Committee I heard of students getting hurt walking on the way to school because of sidewalks that were not walkable. Without an enforcement mechanism the City was unable to get homeowners and business owners to clean their sidewalks.

This amendment creates a fine of $100-$200 for homeowners and $300 for business property owners.

Submitted on January 16th, 2018. City Council Voted to Unanimously approve it on March 20th, 2018.

SPONSORED BY: City Councilors Pavel Payano & Jeovanny Rodriguez


Snow Emergency Declaration


This amendment would change the current “Winter Alternate Parking” Ordinance which requires that residents alternate on-street parking during December 15th through April 15th. It would change it to only require alternating on-street parking when the Mayor declares a “Snow Emergency.”

“Snow Emergency” will be declared when it is the opinion of the Mayor or her/his designee that existing or impending meteorological conditions warrant, or are likely to warrant, plowing, sanding, or other street clearing operations,

The Mayor, or her/his designee, shall utilize a beacon emergency system “blue lights”, media, including local cable television, radio and print media to inform the public of a declaration of snow or ice emergency under this section.

When a “Snow Emergency” is declared residents will be require to alternate parking between the hours of 12:01 a.m. and 6:00 p.m and be parked on one side of the street only, so that on the even-numbered dates of the calendar, vehicles shall be parked on the even-numbered sides of the streets and the opposite on odd-numbered dates.

Submitted to the City Council on 2/19/18. Referred to the Ordinance Committee on 3/6/2018. Forwarded by Ordinance Committee to the City Council to order a public hearing with a favorable conversation on 11/27/18.

SPONSORED BY: City Councilor Pavel Payano


Document 85/18: Rental Insurance Policy Requirement for all Rental Units

This ordinance would mandate that all rental units are covered by a rental insurance policy of at least $10,000 of personal liability insurance. Rental insurance coverage can be as low as $6 a month but when emergencies like a fire occur the policy can be used to cover the first & last month rent of a new apartment or for the replacement of personal property.

Submitted on February 22nd, 2018. Tabled by the Lawrence City Council.

SPONSORED BY: City Councilor Pavel Payano


Document 105/18: 2017 Annual report from Lawrence Fire department

In order to ensure transparency, accountability, and general awareness of the Lawrence Fire Department (LFD) a request was made to Chief Moriarty that an Annual Report for 2017 be created and presented to the Public Safety Committee & the Lawrence City Council.

SPONSORED BY: City Councilor Pavel Payano

LPD Logo.jpg


The policy requires written operation, approval, and public notification protocols that balance privacy and civil liberty protections with police investigative and public safety needs. Data reporting measures would also be required including regulations that empower the Lawrence City Council and the public to verify that mandated safeguards have been strictly adhered to.

SPONSORED BY: City Councilor Pavel Payano


3/29/18 submitted to the City Council Agenda; 4/3/18 Referred to Ordinance Committee; 4/12/18 Forward to City Council to Request A Public Hearing; 4/17/18 Does Not Appear on City Council’s Agenda Reasons Due to “Clerical Errors”; 5/5/18 Public Hearing is Ordered by City Council; 6/13/2018 After several communications of the delay in scheduling a public hearing the City Clerk states that it will take place on June 18th;

7/10/18 Public Hearing Takes Place:

  • Motion to Approve by PAYANO Fails:

    • YES: Payano; Rodriguez; Vasquez

    • NO: Levy; Laplante; Abdoo; Delacruz

  • Motion to Reconsider Passes:

    • YES: Levy; Laplante; Payano; Rodriguez; Vasquez

    • NO: Abdoo; Delacruz

  • Payano makes a Charter Objection vote to take place at next meeting.

8/21/18 Motion is taken up again at City Council Meeting:

  • Motion to Table by Laplante Fails:

    • YES: Laplante; Abdoo; Delacruz

    • NO: Reyes; Levy; Payano; DePena; Rodriguez; Vasquez;

  • Motion to Approve by Payano Passes:

    • YES: Reyes; Levy; Payano; DePena; Rodriguez; Vasquez;

    • NO: Laplante; Abdoo; Delacruz

8/27/18 - Ordinance is Vetoed by Mayor Dan Rivera - 6 Votes is required to overturn Veto;

9/18/18 Motion by Payano to Overturn Mayor Rivera's Veto Passes:

  • YES: Reyes; Levy; Payano; DeLaCruz; DePena; Rodriguez; Vasquez

  • NO: Laplante; Abdoo

LPD Logo.jpg

document 148/18: State of the Lawrence Auxiliary police Department

A request for a report of the Lawrence Auxiliary Police Department was made. LPD Chief Roy Vasque presented to the Public Safety Committee and the City Council the state of the Lawrence Auxiliary Department.

SPONSORED BY: City Councilor Pavel Payano & Jeovanny Rodriguez



4 Way Stop Sign on Alder & Hampshire Street. Request was put in on behalf of business owner who had noticed several accidents in that location.

Ordinance Committee referred to Officer Scanlon on 9/10/18.

SPONSORED BY: City Councilor Pavel Payano

Emergency Management.jpg


Submitted in order to have a discussion of the Emergency Management in response to the Merrimack Valley Gas Crisis.

Tabled at the Public Safety Committee

SPONSORED BY: City Councilor Pavel Payano