Improving our Education System

As senior member of the Lawrence School Committee I understand how public education is vital to the growth and sustainability of Lawrence. I am committed to ensure that our school system develops 21st century leaders.  My top priority as a City Councilor will be to ensure that there is a transition process in place so that an effective and productive governance structure will be in place of our schools will return to the Lawrence community.

  • Will begin conversations to ensure that the Lawrence School Committee has an effective and productive governance structure.
  • Support initiatives that increase the dropout age to 18 and expand early childhood to full day starting at 4 years old.
  • Full year access to school facilities so that our youth have places to go.
  • Develop a school inmprovement plant that addresses the needed renovations of school facilities.

Helping Lawrence Businesses Thrive

Small businesses and entrepreneurs are the lifeblood of the Lawrence community and I am committed to help them grow and be successful. We need to make it easier for business to start up in our city and we need to be more attractive for outside businesses to want to set up roots here. This will increase our tax base and provide for the expansion of public services.

Improving Public Safety



Affordable Housing

I am committed to focus on creating and supporting current initiatives that target our current rise in violent crimes and the opium addiction epidemic we face. As a former social worker and public education advocate I understand how lack of economic opportunities and poor education systems play a contributing factor to the rise in violent crimes and drug addictions.  To successfully target this epidemic that is crippling our city we need to targets the roots of the problem and also ensure that our Lawrence Police Officers have the resources, training, and support they need to keep our community safe. An important factor in this will be to work with our state delegation to build a desperately needed police station.

The Lawrence community is facing a serious housing crisis (high rent and shortage of affordable housing). We need a comprehensive housing approach to address the impact it has on municipal service, education, traffic, and public safety. We need to have a conversion with our neighboring communities about having a regionalize approach to solving this issue. We also need to ensure that we don't over extend our tax base by continuously increasing property taxes and that our zoning laws fit the mold of our neighborhoods.